In the modern historical conditions cinema is not just some specific kind of art.

It is just a pure spiritual combination of the theoretical and practical beginning.

The modern world is obviously tired of the endless amount of violence in different countries, both material and spiritual. Furthermore, any violence causes violence only.

The interaction is the real way out of the modern deadlock. The interaction is the enrichment between the material and the spiritual.

There are no loses in the interaction, a human only gets the best of it.

The aim of the cinema by nature is to confirm and declare the interaction as the norm of the human life, now and in the future.

Cinema is able and has to make it by different ways, which are purely endless: with the help of the plot, music, script, the work of directors, actors, cameramen, special effects, new technologies etc.

People want to cooperate, not fight. The interaction is in the cinema, it motivates and increases in the audience itself the concept of the interaction, makes it a necessary life condition.

Such kind of cinema could become a real box-office hit, and it will bring its producers a commercial profit as well, as it will be interesting for the mass. Here, a huge amount of space for the huge national traditions is opened.

To cut it short, cinema could and has to be a true inspirer and the inner organizer of the profound peace on our planet.

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